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I suppose I could build some credibility on LinkedIn if I start authoring articles.

That means doing some research and publishing some results, however minor.

Guess I'll get on that.
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I began the import process from LiveJournal at about this time yesterday. Does anyone know what the "import queue depth" statistics tell me? The numbers go up and down but I don't know what they mean.
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It looks a lot like LiveJournal. I guess I should work on migrating journal entries.

Maybe one of those old tools for turning your LJ into a PDF still exists.. export the whole thing as a book, stick it in an obscure directory on a file server somewhere, and forget it ever exists until I'm in my 80's and ready for a good laugh.

I'll poke later; hopefully dreamwidth uses the S2 style system so I can build my own theme for this space.
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Calculus 1; 92.5% on Exam 1. We've covered limits. That is all.

Government (Federal); 96% on Exam 1. We memorized the constitution, went over the process for affecting change within the system, and covered some history on how the consitution came to be. It amazes me how many people "know" how things are supposed to be and are pissed off over how they are, even though it's spelled out clearly how things are going to be. But you know, that's what you get for listening to other peoples interpretations of things rather than reading the actual document itself.

Physics... found out I do not require algebra based physics for my degree, I'll have to take calculus based physics later so I dropped this class.
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I have been selfish and ignorant.

To start at the beginning.. This time, 100 years ago, children did not regularly attend school. Life was not as complex then, and a person could begin work as young as they wished if they were to lie about it. And paperwork could be easily forged, and so the liability had been lifted from the shoulders of corporations. Wish a lack of education, their job prospects were not that great, and they would live the life of the poor.

The way out, of course, was education. But to be able to afford an education, ones family had to make enough to get by. They had to work hard. And so it is today; mothers and fathers go to work and toil to eek out a living, and children are expected to attend school and become educated and eek out a slightly better living than their parents, such that all of humanity perpetually heads toward some greater good.

The system is a sham, to be sure. Teachers continually demand higher and higher wages, while giving less and less education in return. They concieve systems where they "be nice" to the students, allowing them to pass because they put out the effort. And if that isn't enough, they apply curves and such to the system so that one can hide a failing student amongst the good.

Here is the plain and simple of it all: A course should be designed so that the average student will retain about 70% of the material, hence a 70% average. If students are continually getting A's in a class, more material should be added. If they're continually failing, then material subtracted. There are several methods to corrupt this system; grading on curves covers up a professors failure to teach material, and asking obscure questions on exams in awkward ways artificially lowers grades to cover up a lack of teaching. More exist.

And so it is.

Now, here I am, with drive to learn. I buy books, I read them, study them, and work out the problems towhich I have also purchased the answers. I have paid tuition at a local college so that I may have someone to ask questions when I have them.

The courses are worthless; the teachers are usually inept. How are the poor and uneducated supposed to get ahead, when the very people who are supposed to educate them are equally uneducated? The standards system is obviously failing; the requirements to be a teacher are a masters degree. So the poor, uneducated person goes to school, where another poor and uneducated soul teaches them and stamps a pretty emblem on a pretty sheet of paper, and the poor and still uneducated person wanders on, believing they are now educated. But the falicy is that one cannot pass on what they don't know.

And so it is.

So how am I selfish? My mother paid for my education, and paid for me to live while getting that education, and once employed, I spent the money I earned on things for me. I bought a car, I moved, I bought a house... and I bought things to put into the house, and married a woman and spent more money on more things. And she? She is still paying for the education she has given me.

So the right thing to have done, which I can't do now because of the responsibility I have chosen to take on, is this:

Upon moving here, I should have taken immediately to a 24-hour gym with shower facilities and made my home between it and Coffee Oasis; living off the facilities, eeking out small meals that could be easily carried in a backpack, using the free-wifi and drinking coffee. All of this is within walking distance of work, so it would not be a problem to keep my car parked somewhere.

With no responsibilities at the time, I could have saved lots of cash and spent it on loans, both mine and my mothers. And how would I have spent my time? To properly answer that, I have to answer a different question first. At present, I spent the last 4 years entertaining myself with stupid online games and lolcat pictures. Instead, I should have spent the last 4 years reading and learning and studying, even if not at a university. I can buy any textbook I need digitally now, so the entire collection could be carried with ease.

Then I could have entered a marriage properly; debt-free and care-free, with several more years worth of learning under my hat.

But I was too ignorant to not be selfish, and so it is.
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Dear Dad;

It's been a while since I wrote, but I think of you regularly.

I met the most beautiful woman a few years ago; her name is Nancy. She's a fun character. Our first date was at the Bodyworks exhibit in the Houston Museum of Science. I introduced her to mom and she won approval. You never met them but I also introduced her to the Derners; they approved also. Since she has everything, I hiked her to the top of Lazy Mountain...

... we watched some fireworks...

... and I stuck this ring on her finger :)

We got married last April, on the 2nd.

Things have been going well, and then this turned up in September (though the picture is from November):

We don't have a gender yet, but we'll name him "Richard" after you or "Carol" after her grandmother, depending. You're going to be a grandfather!

I've been in school for the last few years. The goal is a B.S. in Computer Science. You didn't approve of me dropping out of school, I know, but here I am, back in school and getting straight A's. You hear about prejudice of the North against the South, and when you enter the schools, it's no wonder. But maybe, as smart as I am, I can gain some influence over the area and turn the place around - really make some improvements or something.

My job is going well. They're paying for most of my schooling, I'm not in any danger of being laid-off any time soon, and they tried to promote me a few weeks ago but I couldn't take the new position because of health insurance. Maybe they'll get that fixed, maybe not.. I'm willing to let them try; it certainly can't get worse really.

You bought the family a camcorder a long time ago. I don't know anything about video equipment from back then so I don't know if it was an awesome one or a cheap one or what, but it recorded video and that certainly was neat. Not long after we got it, it disappeared... Someone pushed me into trading it for a skateboard, and then I never got to even ride the skateboard. I didn't know what I was doing tho, so I hope you forgive me.

I dunno what to do about John. He's always abused me, physically and psychologically. He's always excluded me, and the only times he ever included me was when he was pretending so he could lure me into another round of abuse. A few years ago, he told me he was tired of having to come to me for help on stuff, even tho he never did come to me for help, then went and got his own service and demanded that I help him make it work. In the process, he took things away from me and refused to give them back. I tried negotiating, but he refused to give them back whether I cooperated with him or not. For moms sake, I tried to help him but then he refused that and hung up.

Since then, I've demanded that he write me a letter of apology for it. Specifically, for him to recognize that he demanded I help him after he told me he didn't want to come to me for help, and for him to recognize that he wasn't being fair in his negotiations. I have demanded he apologize for those things and to describe why it was wrong, why he thought he could do it, and whether or not he'll ever do it to me again.

From what I have gleaned of the situation, he is trying to teach me how to deal with the world. Based on what mom has told me, I think she thinks this also. In the real world of business, these things are easy to deal with. If it's an unfair trade, don't make it. And if someone is doing too many raw deals, they eventually burn too many bridges to stay afloat. Easy. I can handle that. So why he feels it's necessary to do this to family, I don't know.

Unless maybe he thinks I'm dumb?

Anyways, I'm refusing to interact with him until I get that apology, but it doesn't seem to be coming. It's becoming a wedge, and I'd like the issue solved, but I don't know how.

They recently sent some kind of a gift. I threw it away and requested that they not send anything else my way unless it's an apology. I think they thought I wanted an apology for the gift, but that's not at all what I was referring to.

I feel awful, but I don't know what else to do. I'm not willing to subject myself, knowingly, to that kind of abuse and all I can gather from his lack of apologizing is that he doesn't feel the least bit bad for it.

Some direction as to what is right would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Your loving son.
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Chemistry, I got a 93% on the final exam and a 101% in the class for an A.

History, I don't know what my final exam grade was but my final grade is an A.

Math, I got an 89.5% on the final exam and a final grade of A.
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History... again, this is actually the 3rd test in the class, but it lined up with the fourth exam for all my other classes so I'm just pretending it was the 3rd exam that never existed. I got an 80% on the test :( I don't really remember what we covered, which is probably why I got such a low grade. I mean, I know that in general, we covered reconstruction of the South. I know the major things like Lincoln promoting General Grant because he didn't ive a shit about people, he wanted to win.. I remember that Lincoln didn't give a shit about freeing the slaves, but was determined to save the Union.

Math; we covered adding and multiplying Matrices and building a matric out of a set of equations. Apart from the "Oh, neat!" factor, I'm not entirely sure where I would apply these; systems of solutions are much easier for me to handle. I do see where the concepts of Matrix math work into building arrays in programming, so there is that.. I got a 97% on the test. Mostly what I missed were silly things. In one problem, I used a "3" instead of a "-3". In another problem, I circled my final matrix as the solution to the problem instead of the ordered triplet. Both of those are silly mistakes but I guess, yes, they were mistakes. Another point was lost when I wrote "Orders do not match." for the answer to a problem that involved adding two matrices together. The teacher counted my answer as "wrong" and said I should have said "Not possible". Uhm... Pretty sure I implied thta by not trying to answer the question, but hey. To move a score from 97% to 98%... not worth quibbling.

Chemistry was stupidly simple. We covered shapes of molecules, hybridization of orbitals, and the ideal gas law. Herp. 103% on that test.
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Okay, my history class only has 3 exams, versus 4 for my other classes.

My chemistry is slipping! I only got a 97% on the last exam :o Joking aside, we covered quantum mechanics on single atoms. We're supposedly going to cover quantum mechanics of molecular systems too, but judging by this guys pace compared to the course syllabus, I don't think that's going to happen. We're covering the Lewis dot structure now... I think this course would have been better if we started with that and worked the other direction. If I stop going to class and get a 0 on the final exam, I'll pass the class with a 70% so it's pretty well impossible for me to fail this class.

I got a 101% on the math test; we covered logarithmic and exponential functions, graphed them, split "complicated" logs apart into simple ones, combined bunches of simple logs into "complicated" logs... then of course there was the traditional move the graph left, right, up, down, shrink it and expand it. Next, we're going to look at solving systems of equations and matrices. I got news for her; I learned solving systems of equations and matrices back in middle school >:)

Because my next history test lines up with the 4th exam for my other two classes, I'm opting to say we did not have an exam 3 for history.

I've also seemed to have taken up a new hobby of collecting calculators. I have a simple one that's great for most everything but graphing, and a graphing calculator. Then I lost my simple one so I bought another in the same series but with different features; it does systems of equations and matrices where-as my old one did not. Then I found my lost one. And my graphing calculator is "too awesome" to use on exams so I got another less powerful graphing calculator for tests from my wife, which is odd because the stuff that makes my graphing calculator too awesome is stuff we don't use in this class, so... So that's 4 calculators: TI-36X Solar (my awesome simple one), TI-36X Pro (not so awesome but it does do systems and matrices, so..), TI-83 graphing calculator which my wife loaned me, and a TI-89 Titanium which I can't use because it's too good at doing stuff we're not covering in this class.

Also, as an aside: I have found that my math book has answers for all the odd numbered problems in the back, so when I have to teach math to someone, it'll be that much easier to generate a homework assignment.
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I got a 112% on my chemistry test; we covered grams, mols, conversion between the two, acid/base reactions, redox reactions, and such. Easy stuff.

I got an 89 a 95 on my math test. We've done so much that I don't recall exactly what was on that test, but I know we drew graphs and translated them up, down, left, right etc along with stretching, shrinking and all. Still moderately easy, I just lost points through a lot of silly mistakes. I think I had a headache that day, and I don't know what the extra points were for.

Those tests were a long time ago. I just had a history test and got the grade today; 92. We covered everything post revolutionary war to the beginning of the civil war. Where I lost points was not being able to remember if the first two political parties were the Federalists and the Republicans who later became the Whig party who later became the Republican party again, or if it was the Federalists and the Whigs who turned into the Republican party. No big deal really.

And next week, another round of exams.
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Lame. In math, we talked about the slopes of lines and how to determine slope from 2 points, or a second point from one point and a slope.

/me facepalms

I don't remember what we did in chemistry... nothing I haven't seen before though.
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Anyone else experiencing slowness? LJ was quick and then it wasn't :(
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First round of tests this semester. They almost all lined up, sort of. Within a few weeks anyways.

Chemistry, we covered moving decimal points left and right by either multiplying or dividing by 10. No joke. We also talked about rounding numbers. And a sort of system for naming molecules, but it was by no means complete; we covered the bit where you call the cation by name and the anion by "whatever sounds appropriate". What? Whatever sounds appropriate? So if I think NaCl should be sodium chloromate, that would be correct? So uh, good thing I already know how to name compounds. Just so everyone else knows I know, yes, NaCl is sodium chloride. I got a 107% on the test. I think he needs to learn how to round properly because I did miss 1 question... Now we're all the way up to balancing chemical equations. Why do I feel like I'm back in high school?

American History was cool, we discussed the colonization of North America starting with the Spanish and their mission system, progressing on to France and England moving in, the war, and finally independance. I got a legitamite 85% on the test, but with bonus points, I got a 95%. Yay bonus points! But I'll have to study a little harder. On the plus side, this guy teaches the class in a way I've never seen history taught before. He has entire skits he performs to make us truly understand what was happening, even if we don't remember exact dates or names of specific acts.

Math, I got a 94.5% on the last test. There were only 17 questions; mostly what I missed were partial points for little brain farts here and there. I don't know how to describe what we covered. I could say systems of inequalities, systems of equations, graphing, functions and such but that's the same as I did last year. This was a little more indepth. I still already knew it, but hey. Still not out of high school here yet either.
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I was discussing with my mom a while ago about the mentality of the current workforce. Due to the economy, a lot of people have begun doing things they wouldn't normally do, or putting up with things they wouldn't normally put up with, because "I'm just glad I have a job".

This empowers the employer. It allows them to control employees more than they have before, which leads to an erosion of salary and benefits.

My wife's employer has been treating her poorly since the day she began. They don't publish a schedule any more than a week in advance, her schedule for next week has absolutely nothing in common with this weeks, and whenever she's on the closing shift she gets asked to stay late to complete oddball projects. They also have dropped the management function of finding a replacement for herself onto her if she needs time off, since she is a part-time employee and doesn't actually accrue vacation time.

My employer treats me poorly by giving me management tasks without giving me management powers, demanding 8 hours of productivity from me while refusing to give me a decent work plan, and disallowing me from doing anything to further my own education while telling me I need to further my own education.

To that end, we each opened fire this week. We were expecting a large shipment that required someone to be at the house to receive it. Since I am in college, it was decided she would stay here and receive it. Since she ended up being scheduled to work that day, we figured the response to the lack of prior notice would be to have her call in sick. This gets around the problem of not being able to get someone else to cover her shift while guaranteeing she has the day off to be here. The morning of delivery, her boss called and said left a message on the machine saying "Help, so-and-so called in and we need someone to cover, please make it in early!". She called back and said "Sorry, I can't make it in today!".

My boss gave me a work plan today and proceeded to tell me why I cannot work the first item on the list. I interrupted him and asked him why he was giving me a work plan with stuff on it I can't work. He said the work plan was printed off two hours ago and he just got off the phone with engineering.. and my response was to tell him that he needs to take it off if I can't work it, and he got huffy. He said that sheet of paper is the pass-on but he thought he would be nice and tell us what we can't work on and that I need to cross it off the list. I told him crossing things off the work plan is a management function and unless he promotes me, he needs to cross it off himself. I put the paper back on the table and left it there. He eventually crossed the item off.

So there you have it. The opening shots.

I don't know what my wife will ever hear of hers, it was a subtle attack that should not generate a response but will show up in someones metrics. If they're watching their metrics. If they collect the right metrics.

I already heard enough to know what effect my shot will have; other managers have told me that the particular manager I am assailing is standing on a smoldering bridge with a bucket of gasoline and that upper management is just waiting for him to get tired of holding the bucket.


Apr. 10th, 2011 10:57 pm
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We got married on the 2nd :) It was a nice event; the ceremony itself was short. I know the reception and dinner and all were 4 hours long, but it just felt really really short. That aside, lots of awesome.

The first words spoken after the ceremony were by the flower girl, "That was the WORST. WEDDING. EVER." *dead pause as everyone stared* I don't know who, but someone asked "And why is that?" to which she replied, "Because THAT BOY OVER THERE WOULDN'T STAY AT THE ALTER WITH ME!" (she pointed at our ring bearer, who is all of 3 years old). Cutest thing ever, I thought! They were the only kids present; later that evening, the ring bearer was playing with little toy excavators and bulldozers in the restaurant and she collected rocks for him to play with. And she hugged him. He didn't seem to mind her much either, so I jokingly told both their parents, "They're next!".

The bridesmaid is concerned a little boyish by Texas standards; we call it normal back in Alaska though. Long story short, her picture of herself in the dress the bride picked out has so far accumulated 38 "omg HAWT!" responses from her friends on facebook, so I think I can state entirely objectively without making any brides jealous that she looked amazing.

The bride of course, was even more amazing ;)

We had a slide show with a bunch of different pictures from both our families.. A lot of the ones with me in them also had my dad. I miss him still and wish he were here.

My aunt was crying at rehearsal. She also started quilting us an entire bed set, which is awesome :)

My best man rented a Dodge Charger. We played around with it a bit the day before the wedding.

I think a lot of people have a severe misconception of what exactly marriage is and means, so I thought I'd toss my two cents out there. Marriage is a state of mind. Sure, there is some paperwork, but that's all optional and only effects the legal condition of things. Marriage is a state of mind where over time, you come to realize that all of your goals are synonymous with all (or at least most) of your significant others goals. It's also a realization that every time you go do something, you instinctively grab that other person and they go with you. And when they go do something, they instinctively grab you and go to it. There are no questions. So that's when you're really married. What is the wedding then? A wedding is nothing more than a ceremony to announce to the world that you _realize_ you're married. It is not the start of the marriage, it is not a pivotal point in a marriage, it's just a ceremony to announce, and possibly congratulate the discovery of, an already existing marriage. Nothing changes afterwards. Anyone who thinks it does is not ready for it.

I love my wife, we were wed on April 2nd of 2011, and nothing changed :)


Mar. 2nd, 2011 01:12 pm
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I could bike to work 3 times a week if I had a bicycle. That would decrease my driving by 3/5ths. Over the past 12 months, I've spent an average of 60$/mo on gasoline.

So a bike would save me 36$/mo in gasoline, so it would take nearly a year to pay off what I am told is an appropriate bike for what I want to do.

Fuck that, I'll get one at Target. They tended to last me long enough when I beat the shit out of them on Alaskan trails. I'm sure they can handle a concrete sidewalk and a groomed Texan trail just fine.


Feb. 28th, 2011 01:38 am
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A lot of people these days are complaining about government being too big or too out of control.

To counter that, a lot of people are saying that we have fewer government employees per capita now than ever before, and federal spending as a percentage of GDP is lower than ever before.


Some people are unable to understand what other people are saying.

When someone is complaining about the government costing them too much, they're saying that they're taking a ton of money and not giving enough service back. They're also saying that they are not making enough money to live a life worth living.

Now, one can argue the subjective concept of "a life worth living", but let's look at whether or not there might be an objective measure that makes a person feel the need to say that.

This requires some psychological study. First of all, "hard work" is a subjective thing, and what I consider "hard work" and what someone else considers "hard work" can be two different things. To me, lifting 50 pounds is hard. Arnold might disagree. I find building a web server fairly easy. Arnold might again disagree and call it hard. So, in all things, we have a subjective concept of what is hard and what is easy.

Having "a lot" and "not much" is also subjective. I consider myself to have a lot. I have knowledge, I have information, I have memories, I have skills. These are things that are important to me to have. Some people look at the fact that I have a small house, am using fourth-hand furniture and still don't have enough to furnish the house, and say that I do not have a lot. I also look at other people and determine that some have a lot while others have little, and I like to consider material assets to be a part of it but not the whole thing. And still other people with more than I have look at themselves and all that they have and say it just isn't a whole heck of a lot.

So, we have two different subjective things. "Hard work" and "a lot".

When someone is doing what they consider to be hard work and has nothing to show for it sees someone who they believe is not working very hard but yet has a lot, that builds contempt between the two.

The reality of the situation doesn't really matter. Consider the subjectiveness of it. If the guy making the claim that he's working really hard and the other isn't is looking at his life as a mechanic versus the other guys life of pushing paperwork, he is correct from his point of view. Then you get down to the compensation of it and the guy making the claim might be making the same wage as the other guy, but chooses to stick a bunch in savings so he can one day retire. The other guy might be blowing every paycheck on all kinds of knick-knacks and vacations. The guy making the claim that he doesn't have a lot only sees the other persons material wealth compared to his own, and might be making the assumption that not only does he have those things, but he is preparing for retirement as well, because it's just common sense that everyone is saving up for retirement.

The concept of subjectiveness and who has what information is very important. In my example above, the guy claiming the other guy had more than he did actually has less.

But, you have to recognize error when you see it in order to figure out why someone feels the way they do.

Now, how does this fit in with wanting smaller government and government to be more controlled?

I look at how hard I work, doing what the bossman tells me to do day in and day out. I am oppressed by the loans I had to take out to get the slip of paper that allowed me to get the job. I live paycheck to paycheck. Due to inflation, it costs to much for me to go have new experiences to generate more memories with, so even though I have everything I want, I am no longer growing as a person. That means I am dieing.

Then I look at politicians, who are not doing what I tell them to, and they are making money hand over fist because their position allows them to engage in insider trading without punishment because they passed a law legalizing it for congress and the senate. They truly are above the law. Can I pass a law that disallows them to engage in insider trading? No.

Can I elect in other politicians? Yes. Will they persuade enough of the rest to change the law about that? Probably not. And so it goes.

Do they work hard? Not really, they just get up and talk on the floor. They have staff who write bills for them, they present them, and they have staff who reads the bills for them and gives them highlights. That was made evident most recently by the healthcare thing.

Since I am in the position prescribed by the system to be in control of them and I cannot, then is the government out of control? Absolutely.

On the other hand, there are people who are living almost as well as I am but don't have to deal with the misery of soul crushing work. They are welfare recipients. They are not required to work; they are only required to look for work. They get less money than I do, definitely. But they have more hours in a day to do things I can only dream about doing for lack of time. They get to have meaningful conversations, play role-play games like D&D, and enjoy the outdoors when the weather is perfect.

Me? I don't have many meaningful conversations these days, and definitely not every day. My work shift pretty much precludes me from any activity that involves other people socially - I have played exactly one session of D&D since I moved to TX and it was rather unsatisfying (but I appreciate that the two involved gave it a shot). I also don't get to enjoy the outdoors at all.

So.. I make less money than politicians who have all the time in the world to run marathons and attend fancy dinners, I have more money than the welfare peeps who lead a life of adventure and meaning... and here I sit with nothing from either world, but I am told by the politicians that I need to give what little I do have to the poorer people.

Fuck you. The poor people have more than I do. If you want them to have even more, give it to them out of your coffers of millions of dollars. Leave me alone.

The government is out of control, and it is costing me so much that I cannot fight against it.
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Nobody read the book (well, 3 of us did) so we couldn't talk about it in class. This pissed off the teacher os he made the test super hard. I got the highest grade in the class with a 79%.

Now we're off to study Aristotle...

Oh, and weird chick is still weird.


I gave an introductory speech of myself, filled the time slot well, got a perfect 100%. Scored an 83% on the exam afterwards... The way grading works though, even if I bombed all 3 exams with 0's I could get a 70% in the class. So all I need to get an A then is slightly better than a 66% on each exam. But that's automatically a failing grade, so I have to get 70's or better so.... but anyways.

The next speech is a commemorative speech. I'm going to commemorate Shirin Ebadi for everything she has done to advance human rights, children's rights, and prisoners rights.



The teacher likes to make it sound as though every story involves sex, so I threw one over on him. We read a story about a guy who was reluctant to meet a blind person because of some preconceived notions he had from television. In the story, his wife has been communicating with him for over a decade and brings him to the house to stay for a night while he's on a trip to visit his in-laws. The blind guy and the other dude have a moment of bonding while smoking weed and watching tv.

Then we discussed it in class, and everyone was talking about this and that and the other thing... I said it was all one giant metaphor for gay sex.

Class goes "wha?".

The guys wife wanted him to experiment so she found a suitable friend to enlighten her husband with, introduced them, and then the epiphany of the story where he's figuring out that blind people aren't that bad, that's when he's having an orgasm. Duh.

He was dumb-founded, so my job was done.

Do I really think the story was sexual in any way? No. Kind of my point; in the words of Sigmund Freud, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".

We had a test, I'll find out my grade on tuesday.
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I am looking for a book. When it was published, it was illegal to publish in the United States. Since then, the law restricting it has been over-turned (thank you, Shirin Ebadi!).

However, the book is still not available in the United States. Can any of you find it and send it to me?

The book is "Democracy, human rights, and Islam in modern Iran: Psychological, social and cultural perspectives" by Uichol Kim, Henriette Singing Aasen & Shirin Ebadi, published in 2003 by Fagbokforlaget in Bergen.

Thank you.
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So my big question this week was whether or not Texas had some silly "must graduate within x years" rules.. It does not! So I can take my happy ass sweet time.

That said, I'm going to make use of every mini-semester I can to get ahead. And summer semester.


Weird chick is still weird. Read "Republic" by Plato, it was interesting. Covers population control, subjugation of different classes and genders, who should be educated in what ways, and gets rid of the idea of family units. Instead, mating would only occur one month out of the year as the ruling class saw fit, and only between couples the ruling class arranged. All people younger than yourself would be labeled your "children" and would be off-limits for the following years mating rituals, but your sisters and brothers are still fair game. Awesome, Plato!

Going to cover Mussolini, Machiavelli, and Marx in the course of this semester too.

Public Speaking

I have to give a 3 minute speech introducing myself on Tuesday. Piece of cake. Otherwise... rude class is rude; everyone is in a dual credit program for the high school that's inside the college. All of my classmates are 16, 17..

Composition II

Read "The tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe, had to write a review. Discussed it in class too. I declared that the guy had a subluxation of the C1-C2 vertebrae; that would explain perfectly the ringing in his ears, the dulling of his senses that he perceived as heightening, aural hallucinations, and general craziness.

Teacher was like "Uh... what?"

But I backed it up with explanations on how the nervous system works, how muscle tensions work and affect nerve function, etc etc. He accepted all that, but really... am I the only one who knows how the human body works? Well..... again, this class, too, is full of dual credit students - they're all 16 or 17yo high schoolers.


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