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Customer Service has gone to shit since they got bought out... First, the front line receiver:

"Alright sir, so I'll have to transfer you to a Citimortgage Escrow account Specialist to handle this problem. After being transferred, you may experience long hold times due to a high call volume."


"Yes sir, so I'll go ahead and transfer you now."


"Is that okay sir, can I transfer you now?"

"Yeah, yeah, do it."

Dumbshit. The sooner you transfer me, the sooner I'm in queue and the less time I have to wait. Fuckin' transfer. Now the "Citimortgage Escrow Account Specialist":

"Okay sir, your insurance company will send you a check and you'll have to get it cashed, then send us a personal check for the amount."

"Alright, and where do I send it to?"

"To us, sir."

".. Okay, and what address do I send it to?"

"Your regular payment address, sir."

".. Okay, and what address is that?"

"The address you normally send your payment to."

".. So if I write on the envelope, the post office will get it to you?"

"No sir, you'll have to put our mailing address on it."

"And what address is that?"

"The one you normally send your payments to, sir."

"It's automatic, I don't normally send payments anywhere."

"Okay sir, do you want me to give you the address you need to send that to?"


.... Seriously, what the fuck?


Apr. 9th, 2006 12:55 am
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Whoever wins the 2008 presidency will be viewed as a hero for a period of time simply because he's not Bush. It doesn't matter if he's better or worse than Bush, as people simply hate Bush for being Bush. They no longer look at what he's actually doing.

Once that period of time has dwindled down (I'm guessing 6 months to a year), he will be ranted and raved about as much as Bush is, and again, it won't matter how good or bad of a job he's doing. He could be elliminating our national debt and people will hate him before the second election.

Dispite everyone vocalizing great disapproval and extreme hatred towards him, he'll win a second election.


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