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"Liberal" has been defined in two different ways by context in modern English.

a. tolerant of or favorable to change, "he has very liberal views on education and wants to see reform"
b. not sparring in resources, "he applied cheese to his nachos very liberally"

"Conservative" means the opposite.

a. intolerant of or unfavorable to change, "he holds conservative views on gun rights and refuses to vote in favor of changing them"
b. sparring in resources, "he conserved electricity by reprogramming his thermostat to not run the A/C when he isn't home"

Now, let's apply these things to our beliefs. Right now, our government is kind of bloaty. It's spending money on things we don't want it spending money on. Now, to be fair, what I think it shouldn't be spending money on is probably not _exactly_ the same thing you think it shouldn't be spending on, but I'm willing to bet there's at least some overlap. Let's consider this in abstract.

If something is costing us x$ right now, and we think that is too high and would like to see it be more like y$, that requires change and satisfies the first definition of "liberal". Anyone asking for less spending is being liberal.

If something is costing us x$ and we think that's fine, we're not asking for change but we're admitting that there is plenty of money available for the task to be done. We're still being liberal.

So how do we become conservative? By refusing to change a policy, we're being conservative. By refusing to fund something, we're being conservative.

Let's see how this comes together, since it looks to me like a series of odd contradictions...

To decrease spending (be conservative), we have to change policy (liberal).
To maintain or increase spending (be liberal), we have to either not mess with (conservative) or change policy (liberal).

/me scratches head

Sure seems to me that calling people or claiming the title of either "liberal" or "conservative" is just plain stupid, neither title really tells you anything. Now, if they say something like "fiscally conservative" or "socially liberal", now we're getting somewhere.

Think about that next time you call someone a liberal. You might be a liberal yourself, especially if you are championing fiscal conservativeness.
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So I was having a discussion on  Lisa Murkowski's facebook wall and I've been pretty nonplussed lately about how people jsut call each other names without letting any discourse on actual issues take place.

Technically speaking, any sort of policy change, for better or worse, is "reform" so I think it prudent to define what we actually mean by reform instead of just asking for it.

In so doing, I brought up Abortion.  Why not, right?  Good controversial issue that stirs up emotions, no matter which side you're on.  I'm a middle-roader; I think it should not be allowed purely as a method of birth control but should be allowed for uneducated people who don't know better and worse, for rape victims.

I was actually told, I shit you not, that we have to rape our daughters and force them to carry the child in order to defeat Hitler.

......  lolwut?  I........

Good friends, I am shocked.  I do not know what to think of this.  I know that the effect of this announcement is that we're not talking about the issue anymore, but how can we when this sort of nuclear bomb has been used to end the discussion?

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Mr. Brown,

I apologize for my President's behavior, it was very rude.

Your gift was so well thought out that I can't even begin to think of a suitable gift to give in return, but make no mistake, I do understand the significance of it. Wood from a warship used to fight slave trading was hand carved into an ink pen and presented to the first Black President of the United States. This ink pen now sits at a desk that was fashioned, also by hand, from the sister ship of that warship. Both the desk and the ink pen sit in the Oval office where the first Black President of the United States sits to sign his various papers for legislation.

While there is nothing I can offer in return for that gift, I can offer you something that our president should have had no trouble giving you and that is a most excellent dinner!

If you would please send me a list of who all will be attending and what allergies anyone might have, as well as a good date to attend, I'll make sure a dinner fit for a King and Queen is prepared.

Dennis Stout

P.S. Do you like beer?


Apr. 9th, 2006 12:55 am
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Whoever wins the 2008 presidency will be viewed as a hero for a period of time simply because he's not Bush. It doesn't matter if he's better or worse than Bush, as people simply hate Bush for being Bush. They no longer look at what he's actually doing.

Once that period of time has dwindled down (I'm guessing 6 months to a year), he will be ranted and raved about as much as Bush is, and again, it won't matter how good or bad of a job he's doing. He could be elliminating our national debt and people will hate him before the second election.

Dispite everyone vocalizing great disapproval and extreme hatred towards him, he'll win a second election.
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Boldness is my doing, for emphasis.

Move to strike ANWR fails in Senate )

My first highlight emphasises the true nature of the land. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here is a picture of the land surrounding Deadhorse. If you walk in exactly that direction for many miles, you eventually end up in the coastal plain of ANWR, and your elevation wouldn't have changed any. You won't see a single tree the entire journey either.

My second highlight actually centers on social interaction more than it does the ANWR issue. There used to be an unspoken code of honor among people. Too bad society has turned to "I'll take what I want, be damned everyone else!" to the point where even something as sacred as romance is exploited now with people hurting everyone else just to get in someone elses pants. It ruins everything for those of us who want to live civilized. This whole planet is fairly uncivilized. The closest I've been to civilization my entire life was actually in Deadhorse, 500 miles away from "civilization"!


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