Aug. 23rd, 2010 10:34 pm
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We have the venue chosen and reserved, the dress is bought, we're going to forgo a DJ and just hook an ipod up to the sound system they have (which is moderately decent, really)..

Still need to do invitations, flowers (center pieces and other), photographer, a runner, cake (a lie), beer and bartender, security, and bridesmaid dress.

I heard they sell Alaskan Amber in Arizona so I'm planning on doing a road trip in that direction to buy enough for the party. All my friends who do photography don't live here and Nancy doesn't claim to know anyone so we're just going to hire whoever the place recommends... Thinking of buying a bolt of white fabric at Joanns and using it as a runner, then returning it as "eh, not really what I wanted after all" when we're done (hehe, is that shitty or what?). Nancy is talking about a flower design for the cake. I'd like something more unique but whatever.. maybe hide a 1up mushroom in the flower design or something. security will be easy, just need to do it. Bridesmaid..

Funny stuff. Nancy doesn't know anyone to be her bridesmaid, and another friend of mine doesn't know anyone to be hers either.. so I proposed a trade and it's going to work out :)

Need a gift for the bridesmaid as well, and I think I know what to get her, but sssshhhhhh, don't say anything because she is friended on here!


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