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Okay, Alaska doesn't have very much to do if you aren't old enough to drink and are too poor to own any outdoor stuffs.

The Alaska State Fair has been going on for years (longer than I've been alive at least) and it's a break in the boredom just before school starts. It's one of those only functions kids can goto where they can intereact with other kids.

And now the school district has changed their start date so that kids are in school for the fair.

What the hell is that? Do they seriously want to make this place even less exciting than it is now? I can only imagine this is going to produce more crime and increase suicide rates.

It doesn't seem like that big of a deal really, but think about it, it's the one last thing kids can do here. This officially shoves kids into a little box where all they get to do is school and homework, and in summer vacation, not a thing.

Alaskas entertainment base is built on topless dancers, alcohol, and gambling. Obviously school age kids can't participate in that. Alaskas only other form of entertainment is in outdoors activities which cost money and usually require adult supervision, and you usually lack one or the othr. Either both paernts work so you have money, but... both parents work. Or only one does, so you can have mom or dad with you, but no money to do anything.

Yeah, the kids _could_ work.. But _if_ they got a job (most of the traditional summer jobs are held by adults now, like McDonalds and stuff), they wouldn't have the time.



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