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I got a 112% on my chemistry test; we covered grams, mols, conversion between the two, acid/base reactions, redox reactions, and such. Easy stuff.

I got an 89 a 95 on my math test. We've done so much that I don't recall exactly what was on that test, but I know we drew graphs and translated them up, down, left, right etc along with stretching, shrinking and all. Still moderately easy, I just lost points through a lot of silly mistakes. I think I had a headache that day, and I don't know what the extra points were for.

Those tests were a long time ago. I just had a history test and got the grade today; 92. We covered everything post revolutionary war to the beginning of the civil war. Where I lost points was not being able to remember if the first two political parties were the Federalists and the Republicans who later became the Whig party who later became the Republican party again, or if it was the Federalists and the Whigs who turned into the Republican party. No big deal really.

And next week, another round of exams.


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